PA Bureau of Autism Mini Grants


2013 Bureau of Autism Services Family and Individual Mini Grants


The Bureau of Autism Services of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare is pleased to announce the availability of mini-grants to support children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and families that include an individual with ASD. A focus of this project is to reach out and serve individuals and families that are not able to access existing support systems for various reasons (for example: eligibility criteria, age, waiting lists). The term “family” may include an immediate family member or other relative, a person providing foster care or a legal guardian or custodian, but does not include a person or entity who acts in a paid employment capacity. These grants are funding opportunities that will only be offered once and are time limited. The full application packet including the application, instructions to apply, and frequently asked questions is available to download and print off of our website.   

Mail your completed application and supporting materials, which may include brochures, printouts from the Internet, statements on sponsoring organization letterhead, or statements of cost to the address on the application packet.

The deadline for submission is April 5, 2013. Applications must be postmarked no later than April 5. Applications which are faxed or e-mailed will not be accepted. BAS cannot be responsible for applications returned for insufficient postage, delayed or lost in transit to our office. Incomplete and illegible applications will not be considered for funding. Please be sure that your application is signed and complete with all necessary documentation attached. BAS cannot be responsible for applications completed or submitted by a third party such as a case manager, BSC, etc.

Applications are due (postmarked by): April 5, 2013
Notification of awards sent by mail on a rolling basis beginning on or about: May 16, 2013 (on or about and continuing through the end of the fiscal year.)
Activities must occur between these dates: March 1, 2013 and Aug. 31, 2013
Dates during which Reimbursement Activities must occur: March 1, 2013 through August 23, 2013

What if I have questions?

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, included in the Mini-Grant application packet. If your question is not answered on the webcast or in the FAQ, e-mail or call the toll-free Mini-Grant Help Line, 1-866-539-7689.
If you do not have Internet access or printing capabilities, requests to mail paper applications can be made after Feb. 6, 2013 by calling the toll-free Mini-Grant Help Line at 1-866-539-7689 or by email: Please include and spell your name, complete mailing address and a phone number with area code.  

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